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Groupe Prévac inc. is a Canadian business providing consulting and training services  on

§   workplace accident prevention, especially related to safe handling of dangerous products,

§   emergency response in presence of these products, and

§   working safely in confined spaces


in more than 30 industrial sectors.


Groupe Prévac's team of experienced specialists includes engineers, chemists, technicians and an organisational psychologist who have held strategic positions in the industry responsible for safety and emergency response, especially in the petrochemical, manufacturing, and aviation sectors.


Founded in 1994, Groupe Prévac's head office is located in Brossard, Quebec. 

Groupe Prévac offers services to clients in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes, and in more than 30 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. 


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Our Mission


To assist our clients in preventing workplace accidents by providing them with personalised services adapted to their unique situation in a cost effective manner.


To ensure business growth through the quality of our services and the skills of our experts, and by paying constant attention to meeting our clients' needs while providing added value. 



Our Vision


Groupe Prévac's goal is to assist businesses in providing a safe working environment, in conformity with relevant laws and regulations.


Groupe Prévac's strength lies in our specialists and their broad practical  experience in the topics they teach.  They incorporate the reality and personal knowledge gained in their previous workplaces into their training sessions. This approach is important, since it allows the transfer of acquired knowledge to real conditions.


The key to success according to Groupe Prévac :


Personnel and management accountability

Risk and safety measures-related knowledge

Ensure a safe workplace

View and behaviour centred on occupational health and safety

Added value for the business

Concentrate on accident prevention





Groupe Prévac's clients are mostly major private sector corporations located in Canada and in more than 28 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.   Groupe Prévac has worked with businesses  in over 30 industrial sectors, such as:


§   petrochemical sector (distribution, manufacturing, transportation, refineries, customers services)

§   aviation sector (manufacturing and transportation)

§   mining and metallurgical industry (extraction and transformation)

§   pulp and paper industry

§   automobile industry

§   pharmaceutical sector

§   research centres and laboratories

§   manufacturing sector

§   and many others.



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