Groupe Prévac provides workplaces throughout Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and more than 28 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with consulting and training services related to occupational health and safety.


Groupe Prévac's team is composed of experts who have gained a solid experience in several industrial sectors, such as the petrochemical and  pharmaceutics industries, research laboratories, and aviation.  They bring a broad knowledge of the various aspects of occupational health and safe operating procedures into the training experience. 


Consulting Services




Consulting Services


Our consulting services fall under four categories :


§   Safety Inspection

§   Risk Analysis

§   Writing of Procedures

§   Coaching Services


Safety Inspection


With this service, it is possible to ensure that

§   all risks are controlled at a specific location

§   the business meets all standards imposed by laws and regulations, including:


§   dangerous goods storage

§   conformance to WHMIS and TDG standards

§   problems related to static electricityndissipation

§   working in confined spaces

§   quality control of aviation fuel…


Risk Analysis

Recognition of actual and potential risks is a major asset in workplace accident prevention.


Our consultants can, by a simple visit of your  workplace,


§   identify risks relating to an existing or planned task or process


§   determine safety measures to control these risks and be in conformity with in force standards


§   identify risks relating to working in confined spaces.


It is strongly recommended that a risk analysis be conducted during planning of a new task or process.


Writing of Procedures

A work procedure is a reference tool used by workers to ensure work quality and efficiency as well as personal safety.


Work procedures are an effective tool for informing on and teaching safety.  Our experts write simple, easy-to-understand procedures to answer three essential questions: What to do, when and how?


By developing work procedures, corporate management shows its willingness to protect their employees, react to modifications introduced through legislation and respond to external pressures on the business from the community or stakeholders.


Coaching Services


What to do to prevent an accident? 

How to react in case of an accident?

What to do after an accident?


Health and safety managers and specialists often ask themselves those questions but do not always find the answers.  Our experts provide assistance to clients seeking counsel or advice on how to solve a problem, establish procedures, and so on.


We provide assistance to clients in implementing  effective working groups for health and safety related activities (health and safety committee, emergency response team, etc.).


Finally, we assist our clients in finding solutions for specific health and safety-related problems.






List of Seminars

General Information


Groupe Prévac is a training body certified by Emploi-Québec.  Training seminars are offered to business personnel, workers and managers, on various occupational health and safety topics.


Groupe Prévac's multidisciplinary team is composed of dynamic instructors.  They focus on acquired knowledge transfer as a complement to theoretical knowledge, allowing participants to be confronted with real situations and practical exercises. This way, participants will properly act and react in response to situations in their own workplaces.  


A unique approach for unique clients


At Groupe Prévac, we know that each client is unique.  This is why we customise our seminars to meet each of our client's specific needs (legal requirements, work environment…).  We also create tailor-made seminars to meet your specific requirements.


Our seminars are given whenever YOU are available (day, evening, night, weekend) in English, French or Spanish.  Seminars are held either on-site or at Groupe Prévac's Head Office, in Brossard, where a special room has been equipped for practising entry to and rescue from confined spaces as well as emergency response in case of a spill or other emergency situations. 


Should you require more information on seminar content, please take a look at the following list or contact us




List of Seminars


For program highlights,  click on the title of the seminar of interest.


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Other seminars are also available or can be created or customised to meet your specific needs.  For more information, or for any questions on the seminars, please contact us, by phone or through the Information Request Form and its "Training" section.


General Information on Seminars


Extensive Seminars run by Groupe Prévac




§   WHMIS OR GHS:  Safe Handling of Dangerous Goods

§   WHMIS OR GHS: Classification, SPECIALIST Level

§   Emergency Response HAZMAT

§   SCAFFOLDINGS:  Principles and Safe Practices

§   Working at HEIGHTS and Rescue

§   STATIC Electricity

§   AVIATION:  Safety, Quality Control and Safe Fuelling of an Aircraft

§   Bioharzards in LABORATORIES

§   LOCKOUT/TAGOUT of Energy Sources

§   RESPIRATORY PROTECTION Devices:  Principles and Safe Practices

§   HOT Work  

§   TRANSPORTATION of Dangerous Goods (TDG)


§   SERVICE STATION:  Safety and Emergency Response

§   SERVICE STATION:  Safety, Emergency Response and Inventory Control

§   PETROLEUM TRANSPORTATION:  Safety and Emergency Response

§   FORK-LIFT Truck


§   OVERHEAD CRANE:  Principles and Safe Practices


§   PROACTIVE Safety


§   HEARING Protection




General Information on the Seminars offered by Groupe Prévac inc.


Instructors : Groupe Prévac's instructors are certified by Emploi-Québec.  They have several years of practical experience in various industrial sectors and are renowned for their dynamism.       


Certification : Participants completing the training will receive a certificate.


Languages : English, French, Spanish


Customised Seminars: You can't find in the above list of seminars the perfect seminar for your business?  Groupe Prévac is used to customise and create training sessions to meet its client's specific requirements. To help us understand your needs, please fill up the Information Request Form and its "Training" section or call us. The details will be finalised during a subsequent meeting.  Do not worry.  At each step of the seminar development, you will be able to intervene in, participate to and validate the concept and the content of your customised seminar.


Material Provided : Illustrated manual, participant knowledge test


« Loi favorisant le développement de la formation de la main-d'œuvre »

Groupe Prévac is an Emploi-Québec certified training organization. All activities offered by Groupe Prévac meet the requirements of the law and may be used by our clients in Québec.



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